7 Incredible hotels in Mombasa you’ll want to revisit

Hotels in Mombasa

7 Incredible hotels in Mombasa you’ll want to revisit

Photo: Sarova Whitesands Resort & Spa (tags: resort, mombasa, pool)

Home is where you lay your head, so it may as well be a comfortable stay. But let’s face it, it’s hard to find a decent hotel in Mombasa’s teeming city, a really good one, almost impossible. However, just a short journey 10 to 15 kilometres North along the coast towards Nyali and Bamburi, you will find several high-end resorts that offer excellent value. Many of them a stone’s throw away from the white sandy beaches and coral rich waters of the Marine Reserve. Fancy a scuba diving, snorkelling or adventure tour, or simply escaping to the beach? Take your pick. Plush hotels cater for your every whim and you will have ample opportunity for business, leisure or both.
If you’re at all like me, a personal touch with great hospitality and service is invaluable. Combined with sound interior design, tasteful furnishings, good food and ambience, and we’re all set. Word of mouth goes a long way so we’ve hand-picked only the best affordable accommodation in Mombasa that people are actually raving about. Here are our top picks of hotel stays that will keep you coming back for more.

Tamarind Village Apartments – Nyali waterfront

The Tamarind’s charming, homely and old-fashioned style apartments lure loyal guests back each year. Rooms are clean, spacious and fully fitted for comfort. Large terraces boast expansive views of Mombasa and Nyali creek. Self-catering and room service options are at your disposal. The restaurant is well liked throughout the city for its excellent seafood and Kenyan cuisine despite the sometimes slowish service. Offering plenty of peace and quiet and a prime location close to the town, Tamarind Village is considered by many as the best place to stay and eat in Mombasa.

Photos: Tamarind Village (tags: resort, mombasa, interiors, bedroom)

Photo: Tamarind Village (tags: resort, mombasa, pool)

English Point Marina Hotel & Spa – Nyali waterfront

A new development on the Nyali waterfront close to the old town, this hotel apartment complex is ideal for business travellers and tourists. A luxurious and contemporary interior design creates the perfect ambience for comfort and relaxation. Spacious rooms lead out onto breathtaking terrace views of Mombasa harbour.

Enjoy all the usual hotel conveniences plus the rarity of a hot tub in some apartments. You won’t want to be indoors for too long though. Start the day with a refreshing swim in the hotel’s large infinity pool as you take in the views, followed by a hearty breakfast in the restaurant. Some of the apartments are privately owned and rented out on Airbnb. If you value a “super host” or excellent service above all things, then this might be a good option for you.

Photos: English Point Marina Hotel (tags: hotel, mombasa, pool, apartments)

Voyager Beach Resort – Nyali

You will be rewarded for your journey out of town with fantastic sea and garden view ‘cabins’ splashed playfully with vibrant colour. The beach-white interiors are light and airy. The atmosphere at Voyager is enlivening and child-friendly activities are always on the go. Not only for families, the attentive personalized customer care has made Voyager a popular choice among business travellers as well. Choose from an array of watersports and cultural activities, or simply unwind in the spa after a long day.

Photos: Voyager Resort (tags: resort, mombasa, pool, cabin)

Sun Africa Beach Resort – Nyali

Photo: Sun Africa Resort (tags: resort, mombasa, bedroom)

Classic Victorian-style suits with signature four-poster beds are tastefully decorated and create a warm cosy atmosphere. Look no further for a nice quiet hotel and tranquil beach setting. The service staff is amazing here from reception to housekeeping and cleaners, although expediency may not be a strong point. If you’re travelling as a family, the resort amazingly assigns carers to assist with your kids. A dream come true for any parent and no reason why you can’t have a blissful stay!
Prepare to feel right at home in a spacious elegant suite that spills out onto a large dining terrace. This is where you might be spending most of your time. The fresh morning views are extraordinary. A pristinely maintained swimming pool beckons under a leafy garden, the Indian Ocean a warm backdrop to the view. If you don’t find that relaxing enough, just walk a short way up the beach to the left corner and find the beach huts under a posted flag, offering a decadent beach massage.

Bahari Beach Hotel – Nyali

Photo: Bahari Hotel (tags: resort, mombasa, beach)
Tucked into the leafy rock on the Nyali shore, the stone-built Bahari resort sits perched above a creek. A tropical garden surrounds a lovely pool and pool bar while swaying hammocks look out onto the sea. Easy access to the beach and you have yourself an idyllic coastal retreat. Recently renovated rooms are comfortable with ample furniture, though the property overall may be a little weather-worn.
A uniquely green concept hotel in these parts, the Bahari has a zero plastics policy in place for guest services like straws and water bottles. The staff takes excellent care of families with babies, however, activities may be limited for kids. Overall, prepare yourself for an opulent ‘home away from home’ with great food, live music and a cheerful ambience! The chefs serve an ample breakfast with heaps of fresh fruit accompanying meals. The lunch and dinner buffets and high-tea offer excellent choices. Good ‘value for money’ keeps guests coming back.

Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa

Photo: Sarova Whitesands Resort & Spa (tags: resort, mombasa, spa)

The nice quiet Bamburi beachfront hotel offers plenty of space to stretch out and relax. Immaculate and newly renovated rooms have all the modern conveniences your heart desires for a comfortable stay. If you’re lucky, yours might be overlooking the ocean. The restaurant is renowned for serving great breakfast and dinner buffets of ample variety suited to local and international tastes. You can even order specially prepared gluten-free meals if that’s your thing! The Sarova is well-suited to conferences, seminars and holiday retreats. Right on the beach with coral-rich waters and plenty of ways to unwind, this remains a top choice for travellers of all kinds.

Serena Beach Resort and Spa – Shanzu

Photo: Serena Beach Resort and Spa (tags: resort, mombasa, interior, swahili design)

stay at the 5-star Serena will transport you back in time to an old traditional village house. Tranquil bougainvillaea and palm-peppered gardens surround the beautiful beachside resort. The rustic arabesque style Serena has a quiet understated elegance about it. Limestone textured walls, beautiful niches and curved arches combine with elaborate wood carvings and soft accented lighting of the wall lanterns. Vivid colours of earthy and metallic tones splash out across luxuriously wide comfortable rooms. Feel as the pace of time slows down. Although perfectly geared for business travellers, it is also a family-friendly resort. Don’t miss dining barefoot at the à la carte dhow-style Jahazi seafood grill located right on the beach.

Photo: Serena Beach Resort and Spa (tags: resort, mombasa, patio, gardens)