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Cheapest Kenya Airways Flights

How to Book the Cheapest Kenya Airways Flights

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How to book the Cheapest Kenya Airways Flights

How to book the Cheapest Kenya Airways Flights

Kenya Airways is, without doubt, one of the leading airlines in Africa. Kenya Airways is the flag carrier airline of Kenya. Kenya Airways operates from its hub at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The Airline flies to more than 50 destinations around the world.

Kenya Airways operates a fleet of 40+ aircraft making it a sizable airline even by international standards. The majority of KQ’s aircraft fleet is made up of Boeing aircraft. Kenya Airways has a respectable number of Boeing 787’s, also known as the Dreamliner. The airline also has several Embraers which it uses on sort and medial haul flights.

You probably want to know how to book the cheapest Kenya Airways flights. There are several ways to increase your chances of securing a cheap Kenya Airways flight.

Generally, you increase your chances of finding the cheapest Kenya Airways flights if you book long in advance.

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You might think that we know about all the great flight deal long in advance. The fact is that we are only notified at the last minute before cheap flights are released. This applies to all airlines. The reason is, if the airlines’ advertised upcoming deals, people would hold off booking the full price flights until the deal goes live. That’s why we are only notified at the last moment. When we are notified, the quickest way we can share the deal with you is via our Facebook or Instagram.

More ways to book the cheapest Kenya Airways flights

So here are some more ways to book the cheapest Kenya Airways flights. Search for flights during the middle of the week. Flights then to be more expensive at the beginning and end of the week. Also, consider taking an early or very late flight. The really early or really late flights are less popular and therefore tend to be cheaper.

Use the flight search and booking tool at the top of this page to search for flights. We check flight ticket prices with hundreds of airlines and of course Kenya Airways. You might find that Kenya Airways is actually not the cheapest on the date or time you want to travel.

If you have some flexibility with regards to when you travel we have a great tip for you. This gets a little complicated but can really save you a lot of money. Below is a screenshot of a flight search for flights from Nairobi to Amsterdam and returning to Nairobi. You can see that the flight search was for the 16th Jan and 23rd Jan. So we have found the best prices for flights on those dates. However, our intelligent flight search engine has also found cheaper flights close to the dates that were originally selected.

You can see in the blue box it says “Cheaper flights around your dates from KSh 58,130”. If you click on the “Show calendar”, it will open a calendar that shows you the dates with the cheapest flights! How cool is that!

How to book the Cheapest Kenya Airways Flights